Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ah, finally respect!

Brand new day!But guess what? A TIRESOME DAY! got up at 545am, barely awake and i accidently tripped on my phone charger wire and fell down!Now thats what i called PAIN!So headed my way to the bus stand, and here comes trouble! The bus actually missed me! The bus went straight on and thank god it stopped at the traffic light! so i ran up, knocked the door and said ARLO! LET ME IN GODDAMN IT! haizzz...i got in n the guy actually said I couldnt see you, very dark la the morning! kns..wad kinda driver, racial discrimination! then i saw sian yee a.k.a fishball/colour blind..y fishball? DUDE!! SHE EATS FISHBALL FOR BREAKFAST! omg! then she has this obession bout a colour of her sweater, she supposedly calls it FOREST GREEN, but c'mon! ITS BROWN! The entire journey i was like pointing to her objects and tellin her the colour, blur laa! But very amusing! hahahax..shes cute in that sense..lol..we reached taylors too quick for ne one of us to grasp. we got down, and i told miss blur case that id belanja her starbucks for lunch(not i wan belanja wan, she force me 1). the day went on slow, but steadily. During one of the class i met Mr.Sad ( Daniel ),dunt ask me y he sad, i still dunno y..lol..he ask me go lunch wid him,so i had to reschedule the coffee time wid sian yee sum other time. Break time we headed to daniels fav restaurant, Cabana. wadda heck is cabana? Sounds like banana, or balanar, waddheck??? We reached there at 12.15, but guess what? OUR FOOD REACHED AT 12.45! we rushed and rushed for our food, sian yee's friend su ann still havent gotten her order and it was getting late! but it managed to get there la..lol..we rushed and finally made it on time to class! 2 hours later, class was over, but ms.blur case had class till 3.55( shes obsessed withe the five mins at the behind, its 4 laa!) went pool-ing with daniel,alvin,duck and his gay partner nigel.watched them play pool and wtached some hot action goin on between two customers of Asia cafe. geli! super geli!
after spendin an hour there, we headded to the busstop, on the way i called fishball and told her come quick, bus already there. she was like HAR? SO FAST? and said shed rush down. So i dint take notice and was chatting wid alvin, and guess what, when i turned, SHES ALREADY THERE! WTHHH? flash ka?cheating sia..after that, we entered the bus n continued our debate bout forest green with my exclassmate Shimin. Haizz, girls side girls one..so char 1!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 7:56 PM
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