Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Day, Another Fall

hmm..how 2 start this post hor? hmm..today was kinda boring lerr..few farny things did happen tho like when i and daniel went makan wid sian yee(samantha) ^_^ , and her frens..they were laffing like nutz..damn farny laa..see them laff makes me feel nice..hahax..besides that..today i ponteng LAN..damn boring la..the stupid crapper wud go on and on bout his family..haizz..went library wid ah yee..damn sad aso la today..gud fren mr.duck lost his wallet..we were searchin hi and lo for it..but couldnt find it..sad case sad case..besides that..fought wid bus driver today..i gave m seat to shimin...and sat wid daniel and choe...and then this bus driver stop the bus..came all the way behind and said..u cannot sit here..if u sit here must pay 120 if break..if dunt like can leave the bus.,..i was like WTF? i paid rm200 for fees and u insutl me? kns..i dun care la..i kept sitting there..haizz..geram geram!okok la..off i go..go do ringtone..ciaux

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 5:29 PM
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