Friday, January 27, 2006

At last, i spoke to her!

ahh..another day in college..been a hectic week..full of ups and downs..hmm..morning started out real farny..i had no clothes to i used this purple turtleneck tee..damn..wrong choice..everyone was laffin at me! into the bus..sian yee was awake! for the 1st she drank entered the second bus..and then the insults started..callin me creature la, teletubby la, mcdonald character(the purple 1) then summore worse call me brinjal(terung)..knss..after that whole day i dint see sian yee and her click..classes were alrite..kinda boring of my classmates, beverly, is super quiet in i tried breakin the complementin her style of was hot! serious! she turned so shy..haha..but she smsed me! yahoo! i melted the ice! thats most of what came goin bek time..there was this indian girl..i never had the nerve to talk to her..not even once..and today, i finally toked 2 her! and guess what! she was really nice! funny girl..lolx.but the worse part was she actually hated me! omg! she said sumone told her i was back biting bout her..and god knows, that wasnt true..glad dat was cleared up...waitin for her to online now..dunno shes comin or luv L3 laa..gud times..gud times!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 10:11 PM
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