Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I never meant to do those things to you bad day so so sorry sian yee..never meant to hurt you..i dunno how it got this way..i cannot even take a nap! feel so bad..i promise..i wunt ever say nething bout you! omg..u seriously wan me to hug that girl?? way..thank god u forgave me..if not i dunt know wad i wud haf back to college issues...i was elected by the maths teacher to be the MC in the chinese new year celebration in coll..OMG! im indian! LOL! damn farny laa..tomorrow is daniels big day..i was see wad happens..this is gonna be fun!..summor wad happen ar..oh yea..met this fren of sian yee from skewl..named pauline..super farny laa today..i was thinkin her name was i was calling her coleen all the time..then suddenly sian yee said pauline..and i was i basically used this trick.."eh ur name pauline or coleen?" she replied "pauline" and i was like "yea! i was rite..ahaha!" but shes damn familiar laa..seen her sumwhere b4..made her laff like hell..she actually had stomach ache and sore red cheeks after i made her laff! damn farny!ahh..tomorow another day in college..cant wait to say sorry 2 her..=)i feel bad..over and out!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 8:28 PM
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