Thursday, January 19, 2006

Late Post!

Sorry guys, didn;t update my post yesterday, bz day for me..hmmpph..nothing much happened yesterday, except for the fact that i think my maths teacher dislikes dislikeable!i love college! i love my new found friends!
I LOVE EVERYTHING, except the hw..haha..cant wait for tommorow,its gonna be great! Our class, L3, is gonna haf lunch together! Thats rite, 30 of us! asia, be ready for noise! hmm..finally the dispute over the fishball and forest green was over, sian yee beat me! for once, sumone actually beat me! lol! today was great, except that i couldnt haf lucnh wid sian yee, her break time diff...but that girl arh..make me so shy one..yesterday, i was waiting for her from 9.40 till 10.15 to come out for lunch..she finally came and we made our way to asia, i was starving when she suddenly said, eh i wan eat wid frens! WTH?? nemmind met po yee..hua the much difrences...last time so ah moi liddet, now like very leng dy..met her bf too..nice guy i persume..shud be tough being him, putting up wid her =P..lunch time today was so kewl, we went to this restaurant, and they had a sales gimmick there which said Every food here is RM5, so i was like "ahh..really?" so i purposedly ordered steak..n guess what, the steak came with rice, beans, and A FREE DRINK! this beats the holy crap outta Cabana ( daniels fav restaurant )..haha..kk la..lz dy..gotta go!

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