Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Long break from post-age!

Haha..long time dy dint post..since my johor trip..been really bz with the holidays and the xm's and my mc thingy..real sibuk!so..wad happen to me the past few days? ALOT! hmmm..lemme see...hmm..letz start off by early mornin had 2 cramp like sardines in the bus..kononnya bus break down..haizz..then nemmind lor..reached college, met my mc-partner..wah..she quite good got bf dy tho..ahaha..then lunch time lor..went wid sian yee and pauline! AND YES..I MADE PAULINE LAFF LIKE SIAU!..she like cant stop laffing laa..damn cute 2 see..haha..after pauline left..i n sian yee alone lor..tok tok 4awile..then decided to leave.near Mac center there i realised I LEFT MY WALLET! rm200 and IC inside! kns..damn sked..drooped all my books n bags and straight ran 2 asia..DIDNT FIND IT! goddamn! i was freaked out..then i walked straight thinkin that my life over dy when i reach home when suddenly..a good samaritan waiter handed me the wallet..i checked inside..NOTHIN MISSING! wahhh!..super lucky bo? damn nice went back lor..poor ah yee had 2 caryy my bag..damn sad laa..sorry arh ah yee!then..nothin much happened except that we had a birthday party for our very friendly teacher in our class Mr.Kevin..we bought cakes..n even used the skool projector to see movies..haah..damn gaya!..then we found out his password..g**d**6*6*...figure it out doods!..after dat..had 2 stay back for the rehearsal of the chinese new year thingy..haiz..that tiring..but managed 2 get to know samantha abit more better..but the sad part is..after tommorow..our relationship wud b..Hye! Bye!..haha..weird laa..after tht..took a cab 2 subang..ronda ronda there..then took train go home..then now here la..riting this blog..ahah..that was today..besides that ..nothin much laa..i think better end it here..smsin now..ahha..gnite!

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