Friday, February 10, 2006

She's All I Want, And I've Waited For So Long.

arlo arlo fast la time passes..i tot yesterday nia i wrote that post..mana tau..time has gone so fast..hmm..valentines comin soon..still havent got a valentine..last yr got 1 dy..this yr so slow..haizz.nemmind la..valentines nia rite? ahhax..hmm..still adjusting from the new found fame after the MC more thing..i dunt wanna change the maths teacher..i feel shes good..its just us that arent payin attention..guys..dunt change la..shes good laa...real good..hmm..besides that..met a couple of new people von very nice 2 me sia..she treats me like a real long long friend..i just met her like 2 weeks ago? nice la..she damn blur n dint speak wid ah yee much..early mornin nia..she had xm..dun wanna disturb..altho felt like talkin..i felt that her xm more important..speakin bout xm..MONS MY ACC XM! haizzz...accounts suckx laa..haizz!hmm..wad elz arh..oh yea..goona play guitar for church tomorow..haha..never played b4..okok la..gdbye!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 11:40 PM
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