Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day Post!

elooooo..long time so see..hahax..valentines..a day of love? nah..dun think so..lol! (single ppl alwiz tok like dis) so..valentines was really crappy laa..bought gifts..gave them..all i got was a smile..but guess wad? it was worthwhile! some ppl have the smile that can melt some ppl(to the person who knows what i mean, i love your smile!!)..haha..wad am i talkin...wah today! major amount of chocolates landed on me..ate them all! wakakkaka...then i aso got one cute bear bear! thanks beverly! hmm..besides that..nothin much la..ate wid nigel and daniel in some restaurant near TBS..expensive..but damn filling..cannot walk sia! hmm..wad elz arh? aiyaa...this shimin...make me squeeze in the buss..haizzzzz...kena rombak kao kao.no space 2 breathe..this week ill be all alone eating lunch wid ma self..sy got appointments liow..so i cannot interfere..dun wan her to think im sum kinda irratating "tail" followin her around..lol..after class end went to cafe..pawned daniel and fuk "right" rong in dota..haha..those two..kill me in cs..now pawn u guys back..wakkakakaka!then go back lor..nothin much happened la..till then..happy v day(not valentines, virgin day! wakakaka) take carez!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 9:12 PM
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