Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ahh..a true colors are revealed..

Heyyyy people! long time no chat eh? lol...well..this weeks post is kinda juicy..its how now i know how much my 'good' friends actually think of me..well..i joined with my friends this dota competition..and we went eagerly..we were confident..but however..we lost..even tho we gave full effort..we still lost..thank god my skore wasnt the worst..second worst >.< neway..we went back home, knowing we shud train harder..i went back..and TRAINED my ass off..and finally mastered i went to college the next day..and during friend called me up and said.."Ham, we are taking u off the team..u ok bo?"and wad u expect me to say to that kinda ques? wan me say NO I WANT TO BE IN THE TEAM? or basically abide by thier decision? well..i took the latter...well..they finally subsituted me..even tho i wasnt the worst player...and later..i found out y i was thrown out..not the other guy..its because the other guy drives..and he is a means of transportation for the they can ditch me for thier own personal reasons..well..this shows clearly...and thats not all..later..i found out..that a friend of mine..from klang..would not even wanna come 2 subang if i was in the team..haha..wad kinda frens..can we actually call them friends>?n the nerve of them to say i rated my friends too low..wat the f**k la...and the best part really close friend..who betrayed me..this friend was like a brother to me..closest to me in the whole skool..and he asked me.."u still angry bo?" wad obvious ques..fine la..u wanna kick me.,..say la sorry..i wouldnt mind..haha..really la..i over set my friends on top of my head..i shoudnt haf..its a mistake..hmmmm..enuff bout that...recently..ive been really spending too much la..yesterday itself spent 40 on a anklet for renu..then today..bought another toy for her..haixx..lavish lavish!these days has been really dry..i havent spoekn to sian yee in like..2 days? OMG..lolx..i feel bad..but..time like dunt allow me 2 see her la..kns..wad la!kk la guys..i end it here..with a short reminder..pick ur frens wisely..make sure they dont sell u out in the last moment..nitez

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 7:24 PM
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