Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Exam fever.

One word. Failure!
Economics was a kick in the underbelly, I COULDNT DO THE ESSAY!
Maths was a bit better then the Common Tests, I FINALLY COULD DO SOMETHING!
Legal Studies was the worst, MPH was too cold, I COULDNT DO WELL DUE TO BRAIN FREEZE!

Haizz, lifes going down the gutter. Assignments this Assignments that. Heck, let us live, I plead!

Well today was an ordinary day, but I couldn't go to AsiaClub to find out bout my foosball parts. As some of you might know, during the 2 weeks holiday that is coming, I and my closest buddies plan to build a foosball table. Well, I hope the plan goes on well. As I was saying, I didn't go to Asia 'cuz I had to send Louisa back home. Poor girl, she was waiting for me for so long, sorry laa...I had xm's and the frigging invigilator let us out late. Drove her to klang, went to Berkeley Corner for lunch, OMG, the food was fine but the price WAS TOOOO HIGH! Haizz...sad case. Sent her back to her house, was a nice neighbourhood and a nice-family looking house.

Haiz..Im lost for words. End.

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 9:10 PM
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