Friday, May 26, 2006

Police oh police!

Haha, read the title and weep. My first police related scenario while driving! eehhe!
Lets go through the whole scene.

Weather : Rainy
(I was picking up my dad from the local bus station. Dad gets into the car, and i drove off, SLOWLY, as the traction was bad)

Dad: Boy, red light, slowly, turn and go through.

Me: You sure ah, might be got police la.

Dad: Dont worry wan la, here where got police at this time. All balik kampung la. Holiday 2 weeks la my boy.

Me: Ok la, if u say so

(Car speeds off thru the red light. EEEEEEEEEEEYO, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYO. Sirens begin to wail in the stillness of the night.)

Me: WTF!

Dad: Watch ur words boy. Dont worry, they wanna make quick cash nia. Stupid police.

Me: Not my fault! You ask me beat one la papa.

(Dad walks out of the car. His hands behind his back. For the 1st time Im seing my dad being so damn polite)

Dad: Yes boss, saya tahu kesalahan saya.

Police man(with gun): You gila ka? U mau mati?

Dad: Maaf boss, isteri saya sedang sakit dekat rumah. I mau jumpa dia.

Police: Jadi, boleh pecah undang-undang?

Dad: Maaf tuan, maaf.

Police: Mana licence? Kasi sama saya.

Dad: Boy, licence give.

Police: Ini licence baru saja keluar, belum 1 tahun pun. Bapak jenis apa nie? Saya mahu gantung sama licence ini. U kena bayar RM300. Apa macam?

Dad: Bossss, tolong la boss..Saya nie kerani saja, kerja keras beli kereta ini. Saya langsung tadak duit. Saya Rm30 saja ada. Tolong la saya boss. Saya merayu.

Police: Hmmm..okok la..lain kali jangan buat lagi.

(My dad thought it was settled and he got back into the car)

Police: Oi, duit mana?

Dad: OH! Maaf! Hehe. Sorry ya bang. Saya janji tak buat lagi.

Police: Baik Baik. Bye.

(Dad gets into the car, laughing his ass off.)

Me: What so funny la pa? You almost got me lose my licence.

Dad: Wait, youve learn one important lesson in life. Police are dumb. They just want
money. Thats number 23 on my list of cheated policemen using the 'kerani' trick.

Me: *in awe* RESPECT YOU PA!

haha..that was really funny yet scary in some ways dont ya think?

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