Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The rose of the summer.

Today, after I came home from college, I notice something that reminds me so much of her near my car park. It was heart-wrenching. This is a pic of it. Ain't it a beauty?

It was a typical day in college, stress, overwork-load, and assignments. But today was CHARP-FAN day! Ben and I came up with a song during accounts class, cuz we were so hungry and all we could think was charp-fan. Mrs.Ngam (my accounts teacher for all ya non-hamjayholics) called me and him a basket of rice in chinese. I don't know the exact word but hey, I'm indian! LOL. After we ate a hearty meal and belched, I noticed something rather pityful near the stalls.

I decided to feed it a lil rice, c'mon la, its barely able to survive.

After that was maths class, I decided to play truant. But heck, midyear is next week, so I changed my mind and went for the class anyway. LUCKY I DID, SHE GAVE A LOT OF WORKSHEETS! Thank god. P/s = I know I sound weird by asking for worksheets. But thats the only way it's gonna help me IMHO.

English class was well, rather funny. We got back our trial letters and one of my classmates got a interesting comment on her paper. The question of the letter was to apply for a job.

"Sell yourself more. You're not selling." It sounded more like asking her to 'jual diri'. LOL MR.KEVIN! So basically that wrapped up my entire day. And oh yeah, I saw this neat build for Shadow Fiend. I'm gonna test it out later. Adios Amigos!

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