Monday, May 15, 2006

She went away

Haizz, the girl I devoted my life to, finally left to TAR. Why la everyone goin there? Why must you go? WHY? This is just sad. I can't stop thinking of you. Your smile when i gave you the anklet. WHYYYY?

She already has melted my heart.
My heart made of ice, melting away,
dripping upon the ground,
the drops of water reflecting rainbows in each one,
a universal declaration of love for you.
But this love,
this sweet sensation,
will lead to my death,
warm she is,
and sweet enough to cause toothaches,
but a heart made of Ice once melted does not rebuild made of flesh and veins.
The water that drips upon the ground is my lifeblood,
growing thicker and more viscious.

Already my vision dims,
shadows flicker at the sides of my eyes,
every breath is pure agony.
No blood is left to transport the oxygen that task brings me,
so I purse my lips shut,
will myself to cease breathing.
My brain delirious with the lack of oxygen,
my arms and feet prickling with the loss of blood.
I slide further,
forward into oblivion,
all the while the vision of you haunts my dying memories.
Sweet sweet love,
my sweetest wine,
yet surely my most bitter poison.
To drink thee is to die,
and the cup has sadly long touched my lips.
Farewell Renu, for my time has come.

I would like to dedicate to you, Far Away by Nickleback.

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 8:26 PM
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