Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The week that has been.

Well guys, since I have not posted for a long long time, I guessed I better update ya'll with the in's and outs of my life for this past few weeks, namely today.

First of all, when I got up this morning to get to college, I noticed sumthing rather UNPLEASANT near my car. I'll show you why


Thats was pissing me enough, then just now i got an sms from Beverly, my classmate, saying that shes quitting SAM. Haizz, seriously saddening. Why are everyone quitting SAM? Just push for another 4 months la!

Two weeks back,we celebrated my uncle's birthday

After that my cousins and I went for a movie in sunway pyramid. We booked the midnight show, and guess what? We arrived there at 11, while the movie starts at 12.30!GG!We had no cash after buying those expensive tickets, so we decided to buy a chocalate shake from McD and share. A word of advice, NEVER EVER BUY IT AGAIN! We were still bored so we chatted and took photos of our IC's and licences(P and L!).

Hmm..that was that, next up was last Friday. My friends and I decided to play badminton in eng ann court. So I drove there to find NO ONE THERE AT SHARP 11! But lucky, 5 past 10, Daniel showed up. We chatted and 5 mins later Alvin and Libai(Leon,LB) showed up. We entered the court but guess what? IT WAS BOOKED BY A COUPLE OF OLD LADIES! The caretaker said it would be open after 1230, so we decided to head on down to Warnet for some good wholesome DOTA MADNESS! The funny part is, last time, we had to practically cramp 6 people into one small car to go any where. But nowdays, we had 3 cars to our disposal, mine, Daniel's, and Jeffrey's. So, one car had only 2 PEOPLE! Funny eh? Well, we played an -ap match with the following details.

Daniel = Zues
Veekay = Nerubian Weaver
Me = Nerubian Assasin


Alvin = Shadow Shaman
Leon = Lich
Jeffrey = Treant Protector

Argueabally, the best game I had with them so far. I and veekay were basically hunting the whole game, while Zues was there to KS any thing he could get his hands on ;) Haha..solo gamer Daniel!We won btw. Well, half way, Alvin Alt-F4-ed, don't ask me why, I have no idea. After the game we went back to the court, played a couple of rounds of badminton and headed to Jaya Jusco to the Ole Town Kopitiam to have a delicious cup of white coffee and homemade nasi lemak (Daniel's Recommendation). the food was so-so, I was expecting better. These are pics from that day

Daniel trying to look cool.

Who took this photo? Its a friggin ash tray! LOL!

That was a fun day indeed. So Sunday, Leon decided we head to taman rakyat for some hiking and kao yeh-ing. WE ACTUALLY PLAYED SWING! This is a pic of veekay enjoying his manhood!

Besides that, all have been running rather dull lately. I seriously need an SMS partner to keep me sane during the night. HELP!
These are some random pics. Enjoy!

Me acting cool

Me acting cool again

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Me and yiying(the photo freaks of L3)


Next comes a few pics of my dearest niece, Krysta Xene!

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