Saturday, May 27, 2006

Well, Saturday. I know my routine for today. Get up, chores, bandpractice, chores, eat nasi lemak, play pc, go sleep. Ehhehe, preety precise eh?

Well, todays practice was kewl, finally mastered the double placement in my bass! yay! after long time of strutting i can finally play! YES!

Here are some photos of me, taken by my sis,

Lookin good? eheh

Apa tengok tengok?

After band practice, came bek home, and there was TONNES of chores for me. The 1st was to clean my wardrobe. So as I was cleaning, i noticed a pair of my old Choral Speaking gloves I used when I was in HSK. I had 2 pairs, but some how 1 is missing, LOL. Heres some pics of that mysterious dissapearance.

Without the hands.

With the hands.LOL.

Been a boring day really, no idea on what to do, end it here then. Nites!

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