Monday, May 15, 2006

whoa, long long time no post!

Well, its been seriously fast how time has been going by. Guess what? Mid terms is less then a week away. By this time next week, I'd be done with my economics exam. Well thats blady hard to say if I survive. Haha. So ne way, lately my parents have been really cool. They have given me freedom like I have never before acquired. They have given me the priviledge to drive alone! Yay! The kancil is mine! Haaha..hmm even then, I'm still not so satisfied with the kancil, a lot of techical issues with the car i.e. the suspension, hydraulics and who can forget the absence of airconditioning and kinda bald tyres. I just want the car like my cousin's, Honda Prelude 1993. That car is so hot. Wish I had it. Besides that, I've already cut my hair. Looks damn weird as I lost my dyed hair colour as well. Sad aint it? Ne way, these are the pictures of the Honda. Bon Voyage!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 7:25 PM
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