Saturday, June 03, 2006

Be punctual, nuff said.

One thing bout me is that, I am very punctual. I enjoy being on time for everything, but sometimes I am occasionally late, who's perfect eh? So anyway, why can't people be there just on time as planned? I hate* slackers and those who can't get ready in time.(* hate as in the attitude, not the person, eheh)

So as i was saying, my friends and I said we would go for a game in the local cafe in Klang. The time set was 1.45pm. I reached at 1.40 and i left at 1.35pm. And as usual, I WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE! Fine, I decided to go fetch my bro Kimchun, well, went to his house, wasn't there*.( Actually, I was waiting in the wrong place, LOL). I was waiting in the field in front of Acmar, for 15 mins, and no one came. So i decided to head back to the cafe. Guess what? They still havent reached! =.="

So I decided to call them, and guess what? Jeffrey was still getting ready! Half and hour gone past and he's still not ready! Haizz...

Called Kimchun up and managed to get the right place and went to his house to fetch him. Picked him up and right in front of 2net, Daniel calls me, "yo ham, where are ya?" lol, im the one early and now Im the one blamed late. =.=" lol

Haizz, nevermind la. So anyway, we played 2 games of DotA. We lost the first, and we were mocked teribly for it. We didn't wanna lose the second time, so we gave everything we got, and we won hands down!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 7:06 PM
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