Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Horror Mansion.

Heck, its been one tough week. Holidays out, college is in. Darn! Hate college and the results! Wth! Am I that stupid? Wth is wrong with me? I used to ace exams during secondary high. WHY NOT NOW? What has gone wrong? =.="

I need to buck up..

Anyway, I have bad luck with shoes. Seriously. Today, my sport shoe sole ripped off. Just the bottom part of my left shoe. Darn it, I left the piece in front of college. Well, I thought it would be the end of that, but guess what? It began to rain heavily during lunch, and we were all running to Asia Cafel, when suddenly my shoe gave way, and I slipped! I actually SLIPPED! zzzz..thankk god for Ben, he loaned me his sweater for me to change, coz my shirt was dripping wet.

This pic was taken before my shirt was wet, thank you!

Well, during LAN class, Ben decided to paint the birthday boy, David's fingernails with highlighters as he was sleeping! One heck of a funny thing to do! Hahah..

Well, bout my love life, im planning something for her during my birthday, hope it all goes well!

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