Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ahh..the weekend.

I hate Ms.Yeap. I hate her so much! Damn, I regret siding her during the last crisis. Blady hell, she can go skinny dipping with George Bush for all I care.

Ish...nevermind. I can't write much, my hand hurts like crap. No pain no gain neh? I love foosballing, and this is the sacrifice I make. LOL?

Well, besides that, I have NEAT busmates. We are, considerably, the noisiest bunch in Unc.Ho's bus, class of 06/07! Yeah! I have taken the liberty of posting some pics

Premi hiding her face #1
Premi hiding her face #2
Premi hiding her face #3
Premi tryna grab the camera off me!

This next set is even funnier!


Ash's forehead. Note how it reflects the sun. Awesome!

This next video takes the cake. Remember, listen to the audio commentary made by mua.

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 7:48 PM
5 people in the crowd heard my words

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