Monday, July 24, 2006

Birthday Bash at Uncle's Place.

Right, I wanna get things straight fers kay, the post below on my parents and my birthday is STRICTLY P&C. I do not need excess troubles in my life, please. By reading, you abide by,

1. Keeping everything in mind, not in mouth.
2. Coming back to read more on whats new on ;)
3. Leaving comments.

I strictly emphasize on the last rule =)

Right, now, after the hoo-haa of my birthday, we did celebrate it yesterday in well, you guessed it, my UNCLES place *winks*

Well, nothing much happened actually, and the main reason of me doing this entry is to post some videos of the day, fulfilling my cousin's wish, Sher, and Steph, this goes out to you!

Video #1 Preparation before cellgroup

Video #2 Cell group service.

Video #3 The pure undisected cake that cost me RM38!

Video #4 The ceremony of the begining of the disecting of the cake that STILL cost me RM38

Picture #1 The disected vanilla+chocolate+pandan+cream+LOVE(yea right) that cost me LESS THEN RM38

Te'ra people!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 7:53 PM
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