Friday, July 28, 2006

A day in the life of a L3-ian

Today I decided to bring my camcorder to school, for this blog post. Thus, this would be my first VIDEO POST! yay! Well, the theme of this video post goes behind the daily routine of me, Hamilton Jay, in my class L3.

Video #1 Early Morning Sickness

Prakash Flexing, dude, that is like SO wrong! I mean TOTALLY wrong! And why is sanjay and ram looking at me like a weirdo on a rooftop? Weird weird.

Things to look out for
1) Prakash Flexing
2) Ram and Sanjay's look
4) Premila's "HI HAMMY"

Video #2 2nd Class of the Day - Legal Studies.

The class is having the usual discussion on "What is Law?" Yea right, its basically.."What to eat after this ah?" and "Wahlao, whos that lengzai?"

Things to look out for
1) Yiying's voice "Why dint take me?
2) Sook Yee's "Semor(What?) as she looks at the camera, and notices that I'm recording
3) Daniel's and ZhenQ's finger of death
5) Ben's "Are you recording? Sheesh." (Note, after this he wants to take video of

Video #3 Lunch at some mamak at somewhere.

The class, like always, eats together. According to some chinese philosopher, "A family that eats together, stays together" but in this case "A family that eats together, makes alot of noise together, is L3!"

Things to look out for
1) Ben's face (It's funny literally)
2) Ben's commentary
3) The waiter

Video #4 Class humour

Stacy and Farrah with Ansyn taking videos. God knows what thier doing.

Things to look out for
1) Stacey's face. Funny!

Video #5 Shh...RECORD!

Farrah silently whispering while taking a snapshot, RECORD!

Things to look out for
1) Farrahs voice.

Video #6 Prank!

This has got to be the class of the century. Where else can you see classmates coming together, forming a TEAM, just to pull a prank on the teacher?

Things to look out for
1) The 'cat' on top of the door
2) The plan itself
3) Brian's "DON'T RECORD"
4) Mrs. Soh's "Who did this? Minus mark!"
5) The passing of the blame from ZhenQ to GuanAik to Brian
6) Teacher's expression itself. She smiles when in fear??

Video #7 Foosball at 3!

The guys in L3 are united in one way, spending TONNES of money in AsiaClub. I mean, SERIOUS amounts of money, for foosball. As a great philosopher, Lim Ansyn, once said, Foosball for life - dear,dear love ya!

The game placement is like this, Im the defender for the yellow men, Ansyns the defender on the yellow team as well while Biing Huei and Allen is on the attacking and defending position of the black men respectively.

Things to look out for
1) Anysn's dribble shot
2) Biing's pump shot
3) After 10 mins, I swapped places with Biing. So now Im on the black offense side. As soon as I got the ball, I snaked it in. Loud! All together I got in 3 snakes and light shot.
4) Allens long pass
5) Allens attempts on scoring, twice.
6) Allens final ball shot. The deadman long shot, from defense!
7) Louie's telephone call.

Well, that practically sums up the day, with some words of advice,

'Biing Huei, your theory not strong!'

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 10:30 PM
5 people in the crowd heard my words

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