Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random pictures in my N70.

I was running out of space on my mobile phone, and decided to delete all photos to save some memory. Thus, before I deleted them, I would like to share them with the world!

Picture #1 - Tong Allen ( Picture #2 - Cars (The evolution of the compact car, right to left)
Picture #3 - Mr. Kevin Goh, acting like he has work to do (
Picture #4 - Ansyn's most sought after Samsung e870
Picture #5 - It's only 3 50cents coin long!!
Picture #6 - Small and sleek, like credit card!
Picture #7 - Thin and small like Allen's -youknowwhat-
Picture #8 - An example of a bad teacher - Ms. Yeap ( I purposedly blurred the pic, don't want unneccesary comments)
Picture #9 - Example of a good teacher, Mrs. Ngam. (Thanks to her, I LOVE ACCOUNTS)
Picture #10 - This is a Chinese liquor bottle I saw in Makro. (Chiew, Like ur ....)
Picture #11 - Our tailo, Biing Huei, acting calm and cool, even though his theory is STILL not strong
Picture #12 - An example of a funny teacher, Mr.Kevin Goh (acting like he's teaching!)
Picture #14 - I didn't put num 13, bad num. Anyway this is my dog, a Fox Terrier, name's Sporty.

Picture #15 - Yeepeng, sleeping! Eh what my old pencil box doing on her table? She must be dreaming of mua! Lol!Picture #16 - Yeepeng, suddenly awakens, knowing I snapped her pic!
Picture #17 - My other dog, even though he is so big, I STILL HAVEN'T NAMED IT YET! Our family calls it 'dog'
Picture #18 - Daniel Ho, a.k.a Mr. Chicken Shot, is a man made mystery. His actual name as per IC, is Daniel HO, but in his email add, its NG.
Picture #19 - Ben at home, Success Team Restaurant.

Picture #20 - Fook Rong, at Asia Club, at nite. How did I get this pic? Ask Beverly. Note, she wanted me to point out, that he was wearing lipstick! Come come kiss him!

Picture #21 - Four to a table rule in TCSJ library, terribly violated.

Picture #22 - What begins with Allen, has to end with Allen. Allen with his trademark Perverted Smileā„¢

Well, thats about it, note for Allen P., in Daniel's pic, there's Krystle for ya!

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