Monday, July 03, 2006

Skery-ness in my life!

Lemme run you guys through on what just happen just now.
I parked near Billion Supermarket in Klang to wait for my dad who went to buy eggs and bread. I was waiting for so long, and the song playing on my radio was Heaven - Fuel. Yea, i know, AWESOME SONG! I decided to pump the volume up, and when I turned my head off the radio, A MAN WAS STARING THROUGH MY WINDOW LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME AND INTO THE CAR!


Kan cheong-ness creeped into me. The guy was talking and pointing to his mouth and stomach. WAS HE GONNA EAT ME? IM TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE! lol, kidding!

I din't understand a word he was saying, as my radio was awfully loud, and he was talking in some weird language.

Suddenly, he started BANGING my windscreen and trying to open the door! WTF?
He was acting like my Kancil was a tin can! Suddenly he dissapeared, *eh where'd he go?"

HE EMERGED AGAIN WITH A STONE! AND AGAIN BANGING THE CAR! He was saying something furiosly, dunno what the heck he was saying! GOD SAVE ME!

I started honking the car, then he ran off..

Waited for another 5 mins, then my dad came in the car and said something rather funny.

"EH, which nutcase was honking the car? Stupid people dunno how to drive ka?"


I told him the whole story, but heck, this wasn't the end.

As I was driving along the road, suddenly I saw the same guy, NOW WITH A FAMILY! 2 KIDS!!! OMGWTFBBQHAX0RZ!

The world, is indeed WEIRD!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 8:22 PM
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