Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Worst 18 year birthday one could possibly get.

17th July 2006, my 18th year birthday. Well, like most teens, I was looking forward to it. It was supposed to be the GRAND PRIX of my life. Guess what? It happened to be the worst birthday of my present life. Why?

1. My friends FORGOT my birthday. A certain handful did wish me, but that was it.
2. My parents weren't in town. (Bangkok)
3. Legal research had to be passed up on MY birthday.

I did get presents from my parents, Rm200, A CD player converter to tape, and a Rm60 Reload Card. I didn't say I hated the presents at all!
Well, I was damn didly depressed. I thought, maybe I just needed companionship.
After college, I headed to my cousins house, located in Sri Muda, Shah Alam.
As usual, my aunt prepared a hefty meal for me, she always does. Thanks! Things were starting to look up. Then we decided we watch Pirates of the Carribean 2. Drove my cousin down to Jaya Jusco, Klang and headed back to SriMuda after the show. I was really happy then, I finally am enjoying my birthday!

I reached home around 8.40 p.m that day, and worked the final adjustment for my Accounts Net Search. Completed it, and went to bed that day, happily awaiting the next day, as my parents were coming back, YAY! Wonder what they bought for me?? *Anxious*. I was hoping we would call pizza tommorow and celebrate the day!

The crusade from hell reached home at 8.30 p.m.

Mum : You come here, you. I got stuff to speak to you.
Me : Yea? What?
Me: Huh? Simply.
Mum : You trying to seek pity from them ah? Eating peoples food.
Mum: Haih, can't believe your my son.
Me: What the heck? I just went to my own cousins house. Is that so bad?
Mum: Oh, so next time when I leave town, you'll go sleep with a prostitute la?
Me: *I had nothing to say, kept blank the whole conversation after this*
Mum: I heard you told your sis this was your worst birthday? I've had more worse birthday than this. Wheres my present from 18years I brought you up.
Me : *Looked at the dish set I saved and bought for her, which she shows off to her friends when they visit**She wants her gifts? Am I working from age 1?*
Mum: If you want different parents, you can just get the hell out of this house.
Me: *Went upstairs, without dinner*

Well the next day, I thought things might get better.
I reached home, normally she'll give me lunch, but she couldn't be bothered, too busy watching movies.

I didn't utter a word. I went to bed.

7.10 p.m she woked me up.

Mum: Eh, good for nothing. Whos going to put the dog food?
Me : Fine, I'm going.
Mum: So, why did you go to your uncles place?
Me: I just needed companionship
Dad: Didn't you know we went to Bangkok on your birthday?
Me: Yeah, but I just needed companionship, even my friends forgot my birthday.
Mum: You not shy to eat in peoples place? Your a beggar
Me: *Getting hot* What the hell is wrong in eating in papa's own brothers house? Did I go to some night club or something?
Mum: Your'e the worst son anyone could get.
Me: You've got problems.
Mum: Get lost la, I don't wanna see your face anymore. Dear*refering to my dad*, I don't wanna see him anywhere near the car.
Me: You've proven to me one thing. You people are the worst breed on earth.

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 8:00 PM
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