Friday, August 11, 2006

The absurdity, of life.

Somethings in life are of course, naturally absurd, like
The Grand Canyon. Come on-lah, it just a hole in ground, prolly Ultraman's footprint.
Looks like these guys are at IUFSC (International Ultra-men Fashion Sense Conference)

But then there are MAN MADE absurdities, like
a) George Bush being the President of the US of A

And the latest addition to the list, Fly FM is in a direct opposition towards Channel [V] - Music and so much more.
I still wonder what does the V stand for, Virgin?Vodka?Versace?Violent?Violin?

The juice doesn't stop there, you see, the Terbang FM came over to Taylor's College yesterday and YES they did make an impact, of making us PERVERTS. They came over to pass out, FHM - World Sexiest People Edition magazine to us, teenagers with raging hormones. I seriously don't wanna think about what some teen's do at night, with the FHM mag. I do not have the cover of the mag, so I'll post the earlier edition's cover.Shocking Asia, indeed. Why is she hailing the flag of England on her assets? Beats me.

Anyway, I managed to grab a few goodies from them,
First they gave out tickets to the latest wrestling movie to hit the screens, Nacho Libre, starring, the one and only, Jack "School Rocker" Black. Neat ain't it? But sad to say guys, Fly Fm didn't focus much on the details on the 'free' ticket. THE SHOW WAS SCHEDULED TONIGHT AT 9 at KLCC!! They only handed the tickets at 4pm! Sheeshh!

Don't concentrate on his muscles ler.
Anyway, I was happy with the fact of them giving out Starlight Cinema Passes. I am going, but there are some issues tho,

1) There is, in small fine print, stating complementary ticket holders are supposed to be there BEFORE 7.30p.m. What the heck?
2) If theres a sudden downpour, tickets purchased would be refunded with a complementary ticket. However, complementary tickets would not be replaced with another complementary ticket.
Its an easy way of saying, "You get wet, your problem-lah"
3) Starlight Cinema shall not be liable to any deaths. What the fish? Death? Scares me pants! Are they expecting deaths?

Among all, I think the best gift was the hair dye from Gatsby. See, they do need some foriegn product to benefit Terbang FM. I grabbed TWO.

If you see me with gold hair and look like the guy above, do say Hi. Preety please?

What I am tryna say is, simple, in R.Kelly's words
"I believe I can soar, see you running through that open doors, I believe I can fly."

Fly and see-lah, Fly FM.

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