Monday, August 07, 2006

OHH..The Horror!

Well, my fellow bloggies, ever wondered what 6th sense is all about? Wondered wheter you have it or not?

Disclaimer = Any heart attack caused by this post, is not liable in any way to Hamilton Jayanaath Simon. No pets or George Bush's were harmed during the production of this post. I like going for long walks in the beach, smelling flowers, and watching the sunset. Oh shit, did I say that out loud?

Please people, I am warning you, what goes beneath this line, is horror. OHH..The HUMANITY!
And please, if you do take chance, COMPLETE ALL FIVE STAGES, and comment on them. Tell me how you rate. Comprendo?

First, a little something to keep you off the edge of your seat.

People tell me I've got nice eyes, aren't they SO RIGHT?

Ok back to the test, as I promised, lol. The test is rank from LEAST scary to the MOST scary.

Make sure the volume on your computer, is not set to high, but EXTREMELY HIGH
Number 1
The Headbug

Number 2
The Ship

Number 3
The Exorcist

Number 4
The Maze

Number 5 - My recommendation, do this LATE AT NIGHT
The Room

Score yourself 5 points if you didn't lose yourself to the edge of your seat. Be HONEST! I mean it. Hey, I am cultivating good habits here, neh?


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