Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back from Bedlam.

It's been REALLY long ago since my last post. I've been really going through a roller coaster ride in life, and I am still on the ride btw. I'm having second thoughts about my life plan and all. So anyway, I miss life on the easy lane. I miss blogging, but I had a certain moment in time that I realized that there is NO benefits to blogging, other than letting out feelings, which I'm about to do now.

Well yeah, when you've been down under(Not Australia, lol.), you will get accustomed to a feeling that is really EMO. Everyday you will think about the same crap, the "I wish" thoughts and dreams. You do know what I mean right?

Imagine you've really grown on this person, and you wanna spend ALL your time with her, as shes REALLY nice to you, and yeah, you think you have the chance, but hey! She's nice to EVERYONE. Bummer! Your not SPECIAL anymore, or heck, you never were. Everyone else knows so much more than you know about her, and it's not like they asked and crap, but they were told. You do everything you can to show your existence, but does it really matter? Does it?

You then notice shes way much closer to everyone else, and you are left alone in the rain. In that, you feel even more down, and yes, the feelings back again, but now multiplied.

I've experienced this feeling oh so many times that I'm preety much sick and tired of it. Love ain't what we persume it is, neighter is it heavenly. It's just a ball of chaos heading your way in the awkwardest possible moment. Life sucks, and guess what? I'm on the fast lane of life, and I'm headed straight into the jaws of reality, which is after the RM1.50 toll. Hahha.

So anyway, architecture is ALOT of work, yeah NellyG, it is, I agree! Well last week we visited the National Musuem on an assesment basis, and this Friday it would be off to Malacca, to the Mini Malaysia and Mini Asean for their rich cultural diversities.

Anyway for the people who was following my short stories on the previous posts, I've gotta say sorry as I did not continue it, as that was just a past time when I had nothing to do, but now I do and I've no time. But rest assured I will continue it! =)

So thanks people who has been visiting this blog, I bid hello to the newcomers and please enjoy your stay, and please do come again! And for the reggies, I am back.

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