Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The one I wanna become for you.

I was driving home today, and as usual, since there was nobody in the car, my thoughts started to wander away. I don't know why I suddenly miss my neice so much! Having her around in my house for the past month had it share of joys and also troubles.

Ahaha, shes saying BOO!

Joyous moment:

"Ana*, what ana doing?" she asks as she looks deeply yet innocently at me.
To look at her in such a way gives me a feeling that I cannot explain in words. Shes just so cute for a 2 and a half year old.

Troubling moment:

"Ana*, what ana doing?" SHE ASKS IT EVERYTIME!

Hahah, but cute non the less. However, when shes around me at times I cannot do my work as she loves the attention I give her. How can you NOT give a child that much attention?

Isn't she cute? Lol.

*Ana means Big Brother in Tamil

I remember last week, she forced me to play hide and seek with her, as my mum(her grandma) was outside, and she desperately was trying to go outside, and being the child that I am, I DID!

So, there we were, playing like small kids, and then suddenly she said, "Ana, you hide, I find."

Peeka-boo, I see you!

I was like okay, and I did go under the pillows and hid. She started counting, and the voice of her counting suddenly became much vague. I reappeared from my hiding spot, and she was GONE! She tricked me and she went outside!!

It's A-OK!

So anyway, as I was driving, I was thinking of being the uncle to her that I myself never had, you know, the jovial, hang out kinda uncle, and then I started to think of my own uncle, and then I turned to my left, and there in another car in the adjascent toll booth, WAS MY UNCLE! WTH??

Nothing much to blog edy, this last pic is a goodbye pic, as my neice is saying "No more?"
Take care peeps!

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