Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Brainless fools? Or fools with brains?

Whats with people this days? Can't they just be THEMSELVES??
I know people love sucking up to people with power, but come on, there certainly has to be an extent right? Well, in my case, NO.

Lets say a certain someone named A, didn't like me, and was always picking on me when its NOT even my fault! Okay I know I sound whiny here but, seriously why me? I know I talk alot, yeah sue me for taking up legal studies, but, thats just me. So, this A person complained and contemplated to/with B.

One more thing straight, if one person heard an issue someone spoked about, and told someone else, it would be considered spreading rumours and gossipping. What if the WHOLE GOD-DAMNED class heard it? I'm not blaming you C, your a guy with a class of your own, and I honestly respect you for that.

So anyway, thats what I spoke to B about, what someone had said, which was undeniably heard by everyone in the entire class. Well, half way through the conversation, I realized that B had done the most remorseful thing a person can do! B actually told C!

So here comes the best part. A + B decided that they should blow matters way out of porpotion, and hence they arranged a meet with me and C.

"Mr.C would like to see you at sharp 12 today,"
"Oh, which Mr.C?"
"The only Mr.C!"
"Oh, ohkay, where and what time?"
"12, at level 3A."
"Whats it about?"
"Oh, nothing. I also dunno,"

BLADY HELL LIAR! You so scared to lose respect is it you homosexual nincompoop? If you wanna arrange a meet, at least be professional about it. You got some nerve acting like some faggot ass angel, don't you?

So heck, I went up to 3A, to find that C was not there. Fine, I gave my details to the person in charge.

3 hours later, comes A knocking on my class door,

"Have you met C yet?"
"Nop, C wasn't there when I went to see C."
"Follow me now."

Its as if that this mofo, really wanted to put me in a stitch. And mind you, it 'so happen' that A still doesn't know why C wanted to see me. You ball-less freak of nature. What world do we live in, where people masquarade with false pretenses.

So I followed A to C, and my, was C 'glad' to see me.

I was bombarded with tonnes of questions that I came to realize that this is it. This was the moment, this was the time I was going to die. Honestly.

I began explaining that I DID not spread rumours about him, and why would I? Don't I have better things to do? Thank God for a friend who I called in to save my day, and yes he is a superhero.

Mr.C was EXTREMELY professional about it after the explaination, and my word, there and then, I have never gave respect, this much respect to someone who I just knew 10 minutes ago. Mr.C and I began talking like friends for about an hour, and he was totally cool about the matter, and said that it was all just a big misunderstanding. The best part was, he complemented me on several qualities he saw that I had. Mr.C, as I said, your a man with a class of your own.

But seriously, A + B, you double headed duo, you should learn to think before you act, and my oh my, what foolish garbage you are, and you have lost the entirity of the little respect I had for you.

Be gone.

On a much uplifting notion,

1) Toby and I had THE foos game of the week; by trashing people 7-2; snake after snake after snake plus impressive defense shots. Good times good times.


3) I became close to someone with real power!


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