Monday, April 23, 2007


I took the cure, for happiness,
Maybe it was for the best,
But help me, I'm in such a mess,
God, is this really a test?

The heart that longs,
The mind, body and spirit follows,
Were you the one standing there all along?
Or may this lead me to the gallows.

I've been blind, I do not see,
The world spiralled, but I was in glee,
I am on my knee,
Would you be mine, forever be?

In a dream, not too long ago,
You appeared, to make all sorrows go,
In a dream, not too long ago,
You took away everything, and more.

What lies ahead, one cannot know,
But I am there for you,
You in yellow, made the world mellow,
Hold my hand, and follow through.

Have you ever been lonely? Lonesome? Feeling that no one is there for you? And that the reality of this world is slowly eating you away?
Have you ever felt like it would help if you just dissapeared, died, or vanished? I have, and I know many others have felt or will feel this sooner or later.

Well actually, in a closer specatacle, the truth about this feeling is not as deep as we thought it was. Think, we often are lonely, and we can't do without that person, but hey, does the person deserve your thoughts, and your tears every single time you close your eyes? Is the person really that irreplaceable? See, what is love? What is this void that is unquenchable? If someone loved you, they won't trade you because he/she couldn't wait for you to accept him/her. They would wait, wait, and wait, and when they couldn't wait anymore, they'd continue waiting. That my friend, is true love.

Well, if you don't see it the first time, it's no biggie, shit happens for the most of us. Pick yourself up where you let go, and move on. I would like to take this opportunity to say this;

Everyone deserves a partner, and also, every guy should be able to date any girl that he loves, as he knows he could and would protect you. So girls, think, maybe the guy ain't that good looking, or maybe he's not your McDreamy (thanks Premila!), but will he sacrifice himself, for you, and most importantly, for the both of you. If he can, congratulations, you have just found a real man. I'm saying this is not for the gratification nor the glorification of the male species, as some of them truly do not deserve the balls. However, what I am saying is that, girls, trust me on this, don't go after a guy, never go after a guy. Instead, let a guy go after you. Why?

1. The guy you went after one day might turn on you an say, "I never loved you, you loved me, I just followed through". Male ego, trust me.

2. A guy who goes after you, as I said, loved you for who you are, and wants you to be the very same person he had eyes on since the beginning. He won't want you to change into someone he could hang with. He loves you, and will love you the way you are.

3. A guy who goes after you, will make you happy, as he will suffer, not you. See, when you go after a guy, you'll always ask yourself, does he love me? "His smile, do you think he likes me by smiling?". But if a guy goes after a girl, he'd be the one asking himself questions, to make YOU happy, and subsequently, himself.

See girls, treasure the one guy that makes you happy, not the guy you wish would make you happy. Think, trust, and most of all, love. As I said, don't be blinded by false pretences of love with a guy/girl deep down you know you won't be happy with. Don't succumb to loneliness, you know you can help yourself, but how? Your just looking in the wrong places. Open up, they're many people who wish they could make you happy. Let them in, who knows, among them lies the one you've been waiting for all your life.

Love is imaginary, an abstract being, but the relationship between the two codifies it, and makes it real.


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