Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random Quotes

(Mum using laptop in the kitchen, while my msn was on, and I was painting the house outside)
(She comes outside to see me)

Mum: Is Daniel a bad boy?
Me: Huh? Why?
Mum: He is a bad person right?? Watches porn all?
Me: OMG, no lar! Where got?
Mum: Then why did he send you something nude-j?
Me: Nude-j? Whats that?
Mum: I think it's porn, go check.

I rush to the comp, checked it out.

- daniel - My masterpiece! just sent you a nudge.


what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 7:54 PM
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The Lover

  • You're the ghost of royalty imposing love,
  • You are the queen and king combining everything,
  • Into twining like a ring around the finger of a girl.
  • I'm just a singer,
  • You're the world,
  • All I can bring ya,
  • Is the language of a lover.

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