Monday, July 02, 2007

First of July!

It's been a really really slow week. My cousins came down, we had tonnes of fun shopping for cellphones and pirated goods at Petaling Street. In total, we spent around RM250+ just on shoes! LOL! Its amazing how Petaling Street evolved into a craze among Malaysians and foreigners alike. I think if Petaling Street were to open their own brand and apparel, they could make goooood money!!

Anyhoo, I was over at Convent Klang's canteen day today, and I got one word for you.


The weather was SO unbearable! Not only that, the noise pollution was extreme! I actually can't believe I went to a Canteen Day! LOL! I feel SO old!! I was like a total adult there. 10 hours in and here I am blogging.

By the way, heres a poem for someone;

"I'm just a guy,
Who waits as the days pass me by,
I would rather die,
Than to see you cry,
But you made me feel alive,
Because you lifted your wings to fly,
On the first of July"

Joke of the day:

Me: Hey you know what would be a great stall for this canteen day?
Prakash: What?
Me: An fan/aircond room; all sit in circles and we charge for the fan use!!
Prakash: LMAO!
Me: I'd seriously pay for it!!
Prakash & gang: Same!

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 12:38 AM
0 people in the crowd heard my words

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