Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Age of Photography!


Guys! Remember my last post, the one with the long list of things I want? I just crossed one off!

MY NEW Nikon dSLR d40X!

Well, I am really really into photography, but my old Sony Cybershot camera just couldn't gimme the cutting edge, so I got myself the dSLR. It's really really awesome!

I got the camera on really really good deal!

D40x Kit
Lens Hood
2GB SD memory
Nikon Bag
AF-S Nikkor DX VR 55-200mm 1.4-5.6G

Below are some pics that I took with the new camera. Expect better looking pics in my blog from now on =) ahahha!

1st pic must dedicate to the Ooi-minator. See the pose aso scary.

My current Studio Site Model, more pics and info on that later.

I wanted to submit this pic to Colgate Singapore =) wahahaha.

Continious mode shooting. Hmm, Adilah still calls Ooi. Hmmmmm.....

Joseph looking so angry, hes gonna turn green ANY given moment.

The new photography club leader, with his cheeky smile as if he's telling dirty jokes, as I look on in disgust XD

Tailo's shoe selling stall got broke-eded. Haha!

Photography bible, the Digital Camera Magazine. Its really good! Got my hands on some issues thanks to dai lo.

Gosh I still can't believe he still is thinking about perverted stuff.


"I must be beautiful in every picture!" Ahahah Becca, don't kill me for putting this up!


"Yeah, this is my sexy teeth grinding face I put on to get the ladies. They love me hot and angry!"

The Dai-lo's Sidekick; The Joo-minator a.k.a Mitten Man a.k.a Raaaaaaaaaaaaazorrrrrrrrrrrr!

Poser dog. Fox terrier FYI.

Poser friend. Chinese FYI.


My pencilbox, same one from SAM.

Hot or not?

Flowers on my kitchen table.

18-55mm kit lens.

Nikon d40x manual. My current bible.

Doesn't this pic give a whole new meaning to MY FOOT?

Water, normal shutter speed.

Water, fast shutter speed.

I also did a photoshoot on my Nokia 6300. Note: You can verify it's mine thanks to the awesome scratches!

    Adios Amigos!


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