Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Long Overdue Post, with an excerpt for You!

Tears were all I had left. I had lost everything, I, sabotaged the best thing I had in my life. Everywhere I turned; there was at least one thing that reminded me of her presence. I couldn’t help it, I was falling, now deeper than ever. I had to pull myself together. I had to. If I don’t go after her, who will? I had to set things straight.

I got up from the bathroom floor, drenched and cold. My heart couldn’t possibly long for someone else more than it longed for her. My mind was in a daze. What could have possibly set her off? What made her storm out the way she did? What was it?

After a quick change of clothes, I got into the car, clocked the ignition, and drove off. There was no stoned left unturned in my effort of regaining her. I looked in every nook and corner, to no avail. I felt for the first time in my life, helpless. I wished that God would morph me into a canine, at least so I could find her through her scent.

I drove miles and miles, and at times, unintentionally passing the same street twice. I couldn’t help it. I was too much in a shock at her sudden shift off the norm.

I started fumbling around for my cell phone in the car. It was vibrating, but the lack of a ring tone made it hard for me locate it. Grabbing it, I answered the call with a swift key press.


“Jay, is that you?”

“Cheryl? Where are you?”, I replied with a saddened tone, she never did call me by my name. Something was terribly amiss.

“I’m….I’m sorry. I really am. I know I owe you more than an apology, and definitely a reason; but I…I can’t bring myself to it. I wish you and I were back in the way we were, but I can’t stop fate. I’m sorry. I’m at…..”

And with that, I opened my eyes again. Everything was bright. The shrill ringing of the respirator beside and the sharp pain on my thigh brought me back to my senses. I was lying stationary on a bed, wrapped in white like a mummy, only with one small difference; I was alive. The pain was unbearable. Questions came like mushrooms after rain, popping out one by one. What was I doing here?

what did i do so wrong that you had to leave me alone ... at 11:50 PM
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